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Using Blog Platforms For Effective Marketing

More than ever, marketing and branding are being done not just through typical advertising means like TV commercials, print ads (or even digital ads), radio spots, and other traditional means, but they’re also being done through formats like blog postings. In fact, this organic method of promoting goods, services, and brands is more natural and effective than the other ways, and that’s why it’s become such a popular option.

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Consider, for instance, blog marketing done through the Medium platform, Facebook posts, linking via Twitter, and the creation of central blog sites, and how important it is to use SEO in all of those different format and categories as well. read on

Reasons To Back Up Your Professional Blog

If you make money working with a blog, either as a writer or just as a content manager, than you know how important it is to keep a backup of absolutely everything that you do. And usually, you don’t just want one, but at least two good separate, synchronized sets of data so that there’s no chance at all that you could lose the entirety (or even a piece!) of your work.

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But if you haven’t reached that stage of professionalism yet, where backups are crucial and finances are a big part of your online output, you might not have taken the steps yet to protect yourself against this possibility. So, wherever you’re at in your process, consider reading about backup plans, thinking about the relationship between time and money, considering sensitive data, remember that your future portfolio can be affected, and that you need to remain accountable. read on

If You’re Not Marketing Your Content In These Places Then You’re Missing Out

You know that you should be creating blogs and using social media to promote your website content. You know that you should also be sharing your blog posts on social media, but are you? And which sites are you focused on?

There are different social media sites that cater to different things. Obviously, you won’t be promoting content on a social media site that is all about photos, like Instagram. But you shouldn’t be neglecting other sites, like Pinterest in LinkedIN. If you are, you’re missing out on some prime real estate for attracting new customers.

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Is This Thing Working? Making Sure Your Social Media Presence Is Doing Its Job

Everyone is on social media these days, and with so many site options it can sometimes be hard to decide where to go and which ones to focus most on. And then, once you have all of this social presence, what do you do with it and how do you know it’s working for you?


The best way to find out if your social media presence is doing its job is to look at analytics, but that’s not all you should be doing. Don’t just hope people are finding you, plan a strategy, and use your social media efficiently. read on

Blogging and Social Media Tips For Finance Businesses

You might ordinarily think that the financial industry, or business related to it somehow, doesn’t need any kind of a strong social media element to their overall plans, but in these days, you’d be wrong! Because there is so much competition out there, especially over all things financial, it’s more important than ever to use social media to your advantage as a finance business.

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Loaning and lending companies are going to be some of the more affected by social media trends, so if you’re in that category, five categories of thought when it comes to blogging and social media include making sure you maintain a Twitter account, building a Facebook business page, giving people help advice for free, setting up online chats, and remembering that time is money when it comes to your client base. read on

3 Ways Blogging Can Help Your Business Be More Successful

In society today, most business are only as successful as their Internet presence. With so many consumers making purchases online, reading online reviews, and communicating with their friends and family members about different products or services via the Internet, your business’s online presence can either make or break the success of your business.


One area that many business can take advantage of that will immensely help their online presence and business in general is blogging. However, many might not see the direct connection between having a successful online business blog and having more success in your overall business. To help you draw those connections, here are three ways blogging can help your business be more successful both on and offline. read on

How To Create A More Loyal Blog Following

Blogging and building relationships

As a blogger, you’re likely used to the feeling of creating a great piece of content that you’re proud of yet getting little to no traction due to the amount of loyal blog followers you have. This situation can be frustrating and disheartening for even the most seasoned writers who are struggling with building up their blog following. However, there are some things you can begin doing for your blog that will help to build your audience with loyal, engaged followers. read on

4 Tips for Turning Your Blog Into a Business

With over 152 million blogs being actively used in the year 2013, it is safe to say the world is inundated with voices trying to be heard. Many people begin their blogs as a way to find community or reach out from their hometowns and constricting social circles. What begins as pure entertainment or recreational time, can become a full-time job where you want to get paid. But earning money as a blogger can take some time and a great deal of work. Included here are a few tips for turning your blog into a money-making business.

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3 Tips for Getting More Blog Subscriptions In 2016


As a blogger, you likely feel that the more subscribers you have to your blog, the better you’re doing professionally. Regardless of how many individual people you have coming to your blog to check out what you have to say, the amount of people you have returning to read multiple posts can be a great indication of if you’re really adding value with each post or simply getting lucky with a few good ones. But sadly, people don’t just automatically want to subscribe to everyone’s blog. So to up the chances of getting more subscribers to your blog in the coming year, here are three tips to get more subscriptions than you currently have. read on

5 Ways To Improve Your Overall IT Structure

Information technology, for better or worse, is at the center of many business operations now. Because even companies and corporations that deal with physical products still have to understand communication and data flow, it’s an integral part of any operation that you can think of.

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