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Jeremy Wright steps down as B5Media CEO 2

Blog blow-hard, and co-founder of B5Media, Jeremy Wright has stepped down as B5Media CEO. He will be replaced by Elaine Kunda at the helmet of the blog network.

Wright used personal and family life conditions as the main reason for his decision:

I was burned out, unhappy in the work I was doing and looking for something more to life. I’m still exploring what that is, but suffice to say it should involve playing around with projects, family time and consulting… while I figure out what makes me HAPPY

Jeremy Wright published his personal statement over at Ensight his blog. He will now take some time off and start his consulting company Netmobs.

B5Media received more than $2m venture capital and went trough a delicate period last year when blogger fees were reduced.

More information over at The Blog Herald.


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  1. Rachel Segal just stepped down too. I read this the other day

    Words by Mark on October 6, 2009 at 6:10 am | #

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