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Online Security Blog Launched by Google 1

Google Blog LogoTaking the initiative in the growing concern for blog sites that are being infected or hacked, Google has launched an online security blog to take on the issue at hand. Some of these malicious practices include that of browser hijacks and spyware infections, most of which are not immediately detected by the site owners and make the lives of online viewers very much inconvenient. Here is an excerpt from the latest move by Google regarding online security:

Online security is an important topic for Google, our users, and anyone who uses the Internet. The related issues are complex and dynamic and we’ve been looking for a way to foster discussion on the topic and keep users informed. Thus, we’ve started this blog where we hope to periodically provide updates on recent trends, interesting findings, and efforts related to online security. Among the issues we’ll tackle is malware, which is the subject of our inaugural post.

Malware — surreptitious software capable of stealing sensitive information from your computer — is increasingly spreading over the web. Visiting a compromised web server with a vulnerable browser or plugins can result in your system being infected with a whole variety of malware without any interaction on your part. Software installations that leverage exploits are termed “drive-by downloads”. To protect Google’s users from this threat, we started an anti-malware effort about a year ago. As a result, we can warn you in our search results if we know of a site to be harmful and even prevent exploits from loading with Google Desktop Search.

Source: Introducing Google’s Online Security Efforts

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