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Blog Networking as an Ethical Practice 0

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Blog networking is often seen as a black-hat SEO practice which seeks to achieve added traffic for blogs connected to each other by ownership by promoting each other.  Although reciprocal promotion is not essentially a bad thing, it becomes questionable when efforts tend to unethical behavior because of the false appearance of authority.  A blog that enjoys visits from many readers establish authority.  In unethical blog networking, visits come from the same people who expect to gain from the appearance of increased viewership of all commonly owned blogs.

There is another side to blog networking which is positive.  It is comprised of a legitimate blogging communities which bring bloggers together for interaction and possible grouping with people having similar interests.  A blogging community allows new members to introduce themselves, promote their latest blog posts, provide opportunities for guest posting, and other similar activities that can possibly increase readership.  Everything is legitimate because no one is forced to read, follow, or promote another’s blog.

This type of blogging community can be very helpful to a blog because of the great difficulty of blogs in establishing online presence.  The interaction only provides an opportunity to be seen by members who might be interested in what a blog has to offer.

Blog networks can also suggest other blogs which may or may not be part of the group.  These are blogs that are followed by other members.  They usually represent blogs that are more or less of the same niche if one is interested in looking into what blog is being read by a blogger of particular interest.


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