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The Blogging Industry Today 0

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From a mere online journal that was started in the 1990s, blogs have formed a formidable industry that resides in the online environment.  Blogs have ceased to be a venue for self-expression only although it still continues to provide that.  Blogs of today have likewise become venues for leadership, expertise, and professionalized work.  So how does the blogging industry stand today?

If we are to base our answer on how blogs are behaving, it can be surmised that the blogosphere is very much alive where thousands of blogs are opened each day for varying reasons including personal use and business.  There are already millions of existing blogs and to see this number increasing by the minute is a true testament to the life of the blogging industry.

What keeps this industry alive is the continuing interaction that is happening by regular postings, commenting, marketing, or just reading.  This has been made livelier by the presence of businesses maintaining company blogs, although personal blogs still continue to lead in numbers.  There is however a tendency for many blogs to be neglected or abandoned after some time thus creating a lot of inactive blogs that simply clog the industry.

Blogging and social networking are happily co-existing at this time junking the fear that the latter might drive the former to extinction.  It would appear that these two were able to find their respective places and function in close relation with each other.  A big chunk of participants in blogging do not earn enough from it to consider it earnings but they continue for the love of it.  A very small percentage has found blogging as a highly profitable profession. English continues to be the main language with Spanish following but still quite far behind.


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