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5 Ways To Improve Your Overall IT Structure

Information technology, for better or worse, is at the center of many business operations now. Because even companies and corporations that deal with physical products still have to understand communication and data flow, it’s an integral part of any operation that you can think of.

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What You Should Believe About SEO

SEO is a vital marketing strategy that every website needs to take into consideration. It refers to using certain factors that will help a site be found organically on a search engine. By this, it means your website is found naturally by search engines without you having to pay them for a placement in their results.

Not many people, however, are very knowledgeable about what genuine SEO involves. There are a lot of myths about this which should not even be practiced as they do not necessarily achieve the results you want. It’s about time you get to know and understand the real SEO to ensure your website is easily found online regardless of the search engine people use.


SEO professional Justin Franciscotty said SEO is not some enigma that can not be seen, heard, or touched. There are indeed very simple things you can do to immediately impact your SEO, and there are also high level things you can do to dramatically help your SEO. read on

TypePad introduces microblogging feature

TypePad has been a reliable blogging service and it has been faithfully catering to bloggers who are willing to pay money to use a blogging platform. But recently, as part of Six Apart’s attempt to probably expand its service offerings, it is introducing TypePad Micro.

TypePad Micro is a new service that will cater to very casual blogging. The first version of this service will be offered for free. Micro is described as a feature-reduced version of TypePad Pro.

TypePad Micro is going to be aimed at quick and informal blogging and photoblogging. Think of it as a service that straddles both blogging and Twitter-like status updates. This is actually not a really trailblazing service because Tumblr has already gotten to the microblogging idea first. The company thinks that existing TypePad clients will appreciate having a new platform for microblogging and who want to start a microblog site. They also think that current TypePad community members who don’t blog will be enticed to blog this time.

Lily Allen ends anti-file sharing blog

A few weeks ago, Lily Allen started a blog that showed her support against illegal file-sharing. The blog, called It’s Not Alright, was a direct response to the Featured Artists Coalition, a group that supports file-sharing. This group includes Radiohead and Blur.

Allen’s blog is supported by Mark Ronson and Gary Barlow, among others. But the heat that she has been getting from fans, who accuse her that she is against file-sharing because it will affect her financially.

Allen said the abuse she has been getting from fans prompted her to stop the blog. She added that she is “proud of the fact that I’ve been involved with this debate but I’m passing the baton on to other artists.”

Jeremy Wright steps down as B5Media CEO

Blog blow-hard, and co-founder of B5Media, Jeremy Wright has stepped down as B5Media CEO. He will be replaced by Elaine Kunda at the helmet of the blog network.

Wright used personal and family life conditions as the main reason for his decision:

I was burned out, unhappy in the work I was doing and looking for something more to life. I’m still exploring what that is, but suffice to say it should involve playing around with projects, family time and consulting… while I figure out what makes me HAPPY

Jeremy Wright published his personal statement over at Ensight his blog. He will now take some time off and start his consulting company Netmobs.

B5Media received more than $2m venture capital and went trough a delicate period last year when blogger fees were reduced.

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Performancing to upgrade offered themes

Bloggers and site owners who have been relying on Performancing themes for their site’s graphical look will welcome the announcement that all of Performancing themes will now receive an update to make them all compatible with current WordPress Versions.

The announcement was made by Splashpress Media after Performancing released its 19th free theme. The move to update all of the themes came as a result of observations made by the guys at Performancing that a majority of free themes, including those that were submitted at Performancing’s own Free WordPress Themes site, do not support the theme for users post release with needed upgrades. The upgrade is a good case of foresight from the guys at Performancing because they don’t want to get into the same pitfall as the other sites that offer free themes.

Gadget Rants from 1938 Media

The post is a common occurrence in today’s world and may hold the key to explaining our insatiable desire for the latest and best gadgets as they come out of the production line. People as we all know (yes, you and me) have an insatiable appetite for anything that you can pop into a bag, pocket or purse that makes life a bit easier. Give me an example of an executive with less than read on

News from the Networks at a Glance

From‘s Sustainablog, a feature on the government’s drive to get people to trade in their old clunky cars for newer more efficient ones is underway. The post started with an idea from a child who suggested that everybody with old cars trade them in for new hybrids to solve the whole global warming thingy’. Bright idea right, well somebody in Washington thought of that too and the “Cash for Clunkers” program was born. The program is designed to make the world a cleaner place by giving incentives to people who trade in their old inefficient cars for newer cleaner cars that use alternative energy for fuel. The program is beginning to catch on and every family who opts to avail of the program helps mother nature and also gets a new car in the process making the approach a viable one that is good for the earth and the US auto industry as a whole.
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Twitter Impostors Beware – Twitter Lawyer Invented

twitter1From the Gawker Network, a job they call as one of the most annoying ones so far from the social web, the job which we would gladly coin as the “Twitter Impostor Terminator” or a lawyer who does just as it says, takes down twitter users who are pretending to be celebrities. Well, as if these people need more publicity, it seems the transparency of the social web is still the main detrimental factor which makes the internet dangerous. From sexual predators, spam and impostors, they all use the internet for their dastardly deeds.
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Gawker Adopts Creative Commons Standards and a whole lot More

gawker1Gawker media, one of the blogosphere’s biggest blog networks has adopted the Atribution-NonCommercial license for all their original content which makes them one of the few networks who allows use of their materials for free. This doesn’t however a free for all fir there are limitations on how, what and where such original content can be used which can be found in their very extensive Legal Page. This maybe the trend for most of the blogosphere’s biggest names for as said in a previous post, policing content is a practice in futility. The practice of plagiarism is quite widespread and it seems the wide expanse of the internet and the many social networks that inter-twine in between have been so much for people to search fpor instances of content copying they simply gave up.
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