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The Benefits of Time Indicators In Blogging

Though you might consider that blogging is essentially a timeless activity, there are definitely benefits to having at least indications of times inside of your marketing efforts. Yes, browsing through blogs is a non-linear activity for people searching on their desktops and mobile phones, but, if you give a sense of flow within the navigation, that helps maintain a consistency on your part.

For example, look at how to use things like release calendars and dated posts. Additionally, there’s the SEO benefits that come from dates and times. And then there’s always the fact that you can list store hours, as well as personal contact hours along with phone numbers or email addresses of client use as well.

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3 Tips for Writing a Conclusion To Your Blog

There are millions of bloggers out there looking to create online content that will move the masses. From mommy bloggers to businessmen and lawyers, there’s a huge range of people creating content each and every day. While the quantity of content is undeniable, the quality isn’t always the same.

writing a conclusion for your blog

One area that many bloggers struggle with is closing their blog. What should be included? Should you leave it as a cliffhanger or tie it up nicely? Well, the answer will vary depending on what you’re trying to accomplish with your blog. But for the general blog writer, whether you are writing for business or personal reasons, here are three tips to help you have strong conclusions for your blogs. read on

Performancing to upgrade offered themes

Bloggers and site owners who have been relying on Performancing themes for their site’s graphical look will welcome the announcement that all of Performancing themes will now receive an update to make them all compatible with current WordPress Versions.

The announcement was made by Splashpress Media after Performancing released its 19th free theme. The move to update all of the themes came as a result of observations made by the guys at Performancing that a majority of free themes, including those that were submitted at Performancing’s own Free WordPress Themes site, do not support the theme for users post release with needed upgrades. The upgrade is a good case of foresight from the guys at Performancing because they don’t want to get into the same pitfall as the other sites that offer free themes.

Gawker Adopts Creative Commons Standards and a whole lot More

gawker1Gawker media, one of the blogosphere’s biggest blog networks has adopted the Atribution-NonCommercial license for all their original content which makes them one of the few networks who allows use of their materials for free. This doesn’t however a free for all fir there are limitations on how, what and where such original content can be used which can be found in their very extensive Legal Page. This maybe the trend for most of the blogosphere’s biggest names for as said in a previous post, policing content is a practice in futility. The practice of plagiarism is quite widespread and it seems the wide expanse of the internet and the many social networks that inter-twine in between have been so much for people to search fpor instances of content copying they simply gave up.
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Splashpress Re-Launches Blogs

relaunchNothing quite interesting on the networks, getting tired about the recession and Madoff along with each and everything Mr. President does(from his choice of soft drink to the blackberry, etc.)and how ahrder life is getting, blahhhh….blah…bla. As expected, the guys finally announced their re-launch of some of their blogs(if not all), Splashpress has announced again and again they would be re-launching their blogs, some of which have stood the test of time and were overdue for extreme makeovers. The network has revamped the sites and are injecting new blood into the ranks for both editors and bloggers. Some are old some are new, the bloggers will once again grace the many blogs that have been left, well should we call it as they have always been, and are in the process of giving them new looks through themes but also re-aiming them to more relevant and bloggerriffic stardom(hopefully).
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College Blog Network Introduces New Features

The College Blog Network has beefed up its offerings with a slew of new features detailed on their blog post. TCBN’s Dan Wasyluk kindly sent Blog Network Watch a summary of the latest changes:

We have finally got our RSS feeds up and running and our happy to provide custom RSS feeds for our users that connect them with the latest posts from their favorite college blogs all in one feed. We also have expanded to allow alumni to join the network and made some minor members area upgrades as well. We are working on widgets at the moment and then pushing forward to our new design.

Thanks, Dan, and the best of luck to TCBN!

Using Technology to Evolve Marketing Practices Today

It is evident that this new wave of advanced marketing strategies using blogs and content writing has been the new resort of most companies in the world of business today. These are the new elements that have helped businesses evolve into better managed companies aimed at attaining set goals.

Marketing is the life stream of any business entity and all marketing people will exhaust all means to use any advanced and new ways of making marketing strategies work. Hence, the new age of marketing has turned to these technology driven gifts called blogging and content writing and have had headway in doing so as we can see today.

In a time where marketing automation is a big focus, it’s important not to forget that your website is, “…the place that brings everything together in a unified place…” This is a very important point. Think about the times you’ve received marketing communications from a company, gone to their website, and been confused because what you encountered there was nothing related to their marketing communication. Consistency of story is hugely important to having your content drive action. – New Rules of Marketing & PR

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Performancing Launches “Reboot Your Blog”

Blogs can get boring after some time. Readers look out for new things, and sometimes they (we, actually) easily tire of the same old design elements, same old content and writing style, and even same old blogger. Fortunately, some people out there know what it takes to rouse back interest from readers. Or maybe in the first place, your blog had been boring from the start. Performancing has just the thing for you. A blog reboot!

Do you have a blog sitting around that you want help with? Want to take it to the next level but don’t know how? Well youre in luck. We are a panel of experts that’s right all of us in someway whether design is your flaw, content creation, or no inbound links or marketing. We have all the tricks up our sleeves.

We will take one a week and spend one week giving you tips and sharing that with the community. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to really launch your site into the next level of authority.

The guys over at Performancing will only be helping with the reboot of a few blogs, though. They will personally guide the blogger in how they can improve their sites. But we can all still learn from their experiences. Here is the basic framework to be used. I hope to get some good ideas from Peformancing myself.

ForeverGeek Migrates to WordPress and Sports New Design

ForeverGeek, which I used to be part of has recently undergone a massive redesign. The site has also switched from Movable Type to WordPress. I didn’t realize FG had been redesigned until I saw it on my feed reader.

Today we are making the leap from Movable Type to WordPress. We also have a snazzy new design that we will be debuting. Anyway, this is just a warning to be prepared for some technical difficulties. Thank you, for your time, and attention 🙂

And there are still technical difficulties, which you can expect whenever you switch designs, more so when you shift to a new blogging platform altogether. I’ve always had some issues with the use of Movable Type back when I was an editor at ForeverGeek. And while the design was a classic, I thought it needed a fresh reboot, especially given today’s trends focusing on usability and fast loading.

Apparently, the excellent designers over at Bloggy Network’s Design Disease have done well.

Bayanihan Blog Network Theme Launched

Brand and identity are some of the most important aspects of blog networks. These are usually enhanced by visual styling and elements that member blogs have. Some blog networks prefer to give their members a free rein on their respective designs, but just ask each to put up a badge with the network logo. Others, meanwhile, require that blogs sport matching themes. This is kind of like what we’re doing here on Splashpress Media–with the across-the-board theme revamp.

Bayanihan Blog Network, one of the newest blog networks in the block, is one of those that prefer matching looks. The BBN has recently launched its new theme on two of its member sites, particularly the Comic Blurb and You Had Me At Hello.


The theme is a clean-looking three-column layout that’s friendly to the eyes and easily accommodates advertising, with a big space at the header. The designer Gail dela Cruz-Villanueva sure knows what elements to include and how to best lay out a site optimized both for easy reading and clicking (of the ads, of course!).