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Tips For Starting And Marketing A Dating Blog

Dating, everyone has to go through it at some point in their life, and some people will go through it again and again. This is one of the reasons why dating blogs and website will continue to remain well read places on the internet. You don’t have to run a matchmaking service or app on order to start your own dating blog.


Whether you want to have a dating blog that’s for anyone and everyone, or you want something tailored to certain individuals, you need to make sure you get it started right, and that you are marketing it properly. Your dating blog can be for first time daters, or for those getting back out there after the end of a long term relationship. Here’s how to do it. read on

Adventure Bay Media Added to the Watchlist

Skinny Moose Media’s Steve Remington announced in an email that they are partnering up with a new blog network, Adventure Bay Media which we have added to our watchlist. From their about blurb:

The Adventure Bay Media Network is a portal to the world of adventure. Our network of blogs and media represents some of the best adventure and outdoor writers in the field. We cover mountain climbing, kayaking, surfing, hiking, mountain biking and a whole lot more of what you would expect with big time adventure and the great outdoors.

The network currently has four member blogs.

Visit the Adventure Bay Media network here.

Blog Search Engine Now Powered by IceRocket

Splashpress Media’s Blog Search Engine has partnered with IceRocket to bring readers better blog search capabilities. Quoting the official Splashpress release:

Over at Blog Search Engine, we’ve announced that BSE is now again powered by IceRocket’s search technology, after a brief switch to Google Custom Search.

While Google’s Custom Search functionality was, well, customizable, we found it limited in terms of focusing the searches on blogs. And so we found an opportunity to partner with IceRocket again, and here we are with them powering BSE’s search.

Visit the enhanced BSE.

Verizon, 1938 Media Deal Falls Through

The planned deal between Verizon and 1938 Media will not be pushing through, as announced by Loren Feldman yesterday:

Verizon Wireless has chosen to opt out of the distribution agreement with 1938 Media that was announced last week. They were wonderful to work with, and we respect their decision. We would like to thank them and our partners on the channel. We hope that Verizon Wireless might find a way to continue to work with them.

Read Feldman’s full announcement here.

Verizon, 1938 Media Ink Deal

A telecommunications giant and a major blogosphere player has linked arms, according to this scoop from The Blog Herald:

Loren Feldman is having a busy week. Yesterday, 1938 Media inked a deal with Verizon Wireless to carry his content on their VCast network, according to this post at TechCrunch. Feldman confirmed the news later in the day yesterday with a brief video post.

Read the TechCrunch article on the deal.

Shiny Media & LG Team Up

Blog network Shiny Media and LG has joined forces to create a moblog by the name of City Clickers. From the Shiny press release:

Just take a picture on your mobile, e-mail it directly to the site and you could be in with a chance of winning one of ten LG Viewty phones plus free phone bill for two months. The winners – as voted for by a panel of judges comprising the main European blog networks – get to become our official photographers for 8 weeks.

A Giant Blog Network Partnership

Two heavyweights of the blogosphere, Know More Media and b5media have announced a partnership. According to the press release, KMM will license the publishing technology and utilize the advertising sales network of b5 in exchange for equity.

To quote Know More’s CEO:

“This partnership enables us to focus on our audience, our quality business content, and our writers; and we believe it will lead to a more stable publishing platform as well as substantial incremental traffic and revenue growth.”

Are we looking at more partnerships among blog networks, whether large or small? Stay tuned.

Splashpress Media Goes for Mobile Content Distribution

Blog network Splashpress Media has just partnered with Contec Innovations, Inc. for the mobile distribution of blog content via BUZmob, as announced in The Blog Herald by J. Angelo Racoma of SP Media.

Splashpress Media’s mobile portal includes feeds from its various blogs and other content-generating sites. When accessed, the portal will automatically detect a user’s device and browser type, and will serve the content in a format that is readable by that device, and organized according to topic, with easy navigation links. This includes full fledged web browsers, WAP browsers, mobile browsers, and the like.

The mobile content is accessible through More on the development here; the Contec press release can be found on Yahoo! Finance.

Using Technology to Evolve Marketing Practices Today

It is evident that this new wave of advanced marketing strategies using blogs and content writing has been the new resort of most companies in the world of business today. These are the new elements that have helped businesses evolve into better managed companies aimed at attaining set goals.

Marketing is the life stream of any business entity and all marketing people will exhaust all means to use any advanced and new ways of making marketing strategies work. Hence, the new age of marketing has turned to these technology driven gifts called blogging and content writing and have had headway in doing so as we can see today.

In a time where marketing automation is a big focus, it’s important not to forget that your website is, “…the place that brings everything together in a unified place…” This is a very important point. Think about the times you’ve received marketing communications from a company, gone to their website, and been confused because what you encountered there was nothing related to their marketing communication. Consistency of story is hugely important to having your content drive action. – New Rules of Marketing & PR

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Goodbye Yahoo Photos! Welcome Flickr

Finding no sense in continuing the ever flopping world of Yahoo photos, rumor has it that this portion of the search engine empire will be shutting down soon in favor of Flickr, a growingly popular photo image hosting site.

Yahoo photos was never really able to reach and achieve its goals. A lot of players entered the scene such as Flickr and sad to note that they had done much better as far as performance and preference is to be gauged. Hopefully, people would be aware of this soon since there are still people who use them and are totally unaware of the impending shutdown of the Yahoo Photo category.

The news is out (all over the place) that Yahoo is shutting down its stumbling Yahoo Photos site in favor of Flickr. But unless you’re read the tech blogs, you wouldn’t know it.

Here we are more than 12 hours after the news broke, and there’s no announcement on Yahoo Photos, Flickr’s news page, the Flickr blog or any Yahoo site. I’m a member of both photo services, and I haven’t received an e-mail or seen a blog post. What gives, Yahoo? Why are you keeping your users in the dark?

I don’t have many pictures in my Yahoo Photos account (I switched to Flickr long ago) but I do have some photos there. What’s going to happen to them? Am I going to have to migrate them to Flickr myself? More importantly, what steps is Yahoo going to take to ensure I don’t lose any photos in the migration?

Updated @ 3:19 PDT: Still no e-mail announcement, but Yahoo has posted migration instructions for Yahoo Photos users. See our post on the topic. – Hey, Yahoo — What’s Gonna Happen To My Photos?

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