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LiveJournal Sold by Six Apart 0

Six Apart, creator of MovableType, Typepad, and Vox has sold off one of its “babies”, LiveJournal. The popular blogging and social platform is now in the hands of Russian media company SUP.

Blog Herald’s Tony Hung has an insight on the acquisition:

You may be wondering how a blogging company will do a Russian company like SUP at its helm.

…In a place where the political and journalistic organs are not as transparent as other places in the world, coupled with a sophisticated and technologically savvy audience, it seemed like blogging had an important role to play both inside and outside politics, as a legitimate “alternative” form of journalism and media…

With that kind of background, I suspect that LiveJournal is in better hands than most bloggers might be concerned about.  But time will really tell, I suppose.

Read the full report on Blog Herald.


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