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Splashpress Media Makes Huge Strides 2

Blog network Splashpress Media is continuing to stamp its mark on the blogosphere with key additions and improvements over the past several days. Here’s a handy guide to what SP Media has accomplished:


  • Blogosphere News — From the network’s Editor-in-Chief, J. Angelo Racoma: “With Blogosphere News, members can submit their own entries, and these can be anything related to blogging–new blog launches, blogging tips, blogging news, blogger events, software, widgets, how-tos, videos, and the like. Users also get to vote on other members’ stories that they think are worth reading. Bad stories (spam, duplicates, useless stuff) can be “buried”. The more popular entries would then be promoted to the front page. You know the Digg system? Yes, it’s the same!”
  • Erati — This blog on all things TV forms a cornerstone of SP Media’s new celeb blog network.
  • Manchester United News — A new site similar to Digg and powered by the ManUtd Blog.


  • Devlounge — A popular design-oriented community site to be managed now by Thord Daniel Hedengren.
  • Splogspot — A search engine for spam blogs. Quite a novel idea!
  • Blogging Pro — The first of 5 heavyweight blogs acquired by Splashpress from Bloggy Network; the others are the next four blogs. BP is a mecca for blogging-related topics, such as personal blogging, blog monetization, and technical aspects of blogging.
  • Forever Geek — One of Bloggy Network’s most loved blogs; for geeks and by geeks.
  • Celebrific –The acquisition of this celeb blog will reinforce Splashpress’ commitment to building a strong roster of entertainment/showbiz blogs.
  • Filmsy — Want reviews of the latest box office hits and disc releases? Get ’em here. Filmsy rounds up an entertainment-centric trio together with Erati and Celebrific.
  • BFeedMe –Blog readers are devourers of information, and the info on this blog is all about…food!

Together with this acquisitions, Splashpress Media has also been joined by David Peralty, Bloggy Network’s Director of Communications, as reported by Blog Herald.


  • Celebrity Chefs — The fourth blog in Splashpress’ showbiz network-in-a-network…
  • Hollywood Blog — …and this makes it five!
  • Japan Blog — All about the Asian nation, from gadgets to society.
  • Bloggy Award — This good ol’ mainstay of Splashpress has received a purty facelift!


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  1. […] its recent major acquisitions, the future does indeed look bright for the blog network. Here’s hoping for more great things […]

    Pingback by Splashpress Media Introduces its Team » Crimson Crux on November 16, 2007 at 8:57 am | #

  2. Thanks for the mention. I hope things go really well, and a big thanks to everyone at Splashpress for the warm welcome.

    Words by David on November 18, 2007 at 9:53 am | #

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