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The Blog Herald Launches China Edition 0

The Blog Herald, one of the Net’s best sources of blog and blogging related news and tips, has just launched The Blog Herald China Edition.

This comes just a few months after The Blog Herald opened its Japanese edition. Here are some words from Splashpress Media’s J. Angelo Racoma:

We thought it was worth our while to expand into even more markets. Third biggest in terms of language is Chinese, at about 8% (I think the Chinese market is potentially bigger than the 8% estimated by Technorati, though). So the next logical move would be to open an edition in Chinese.

[The] China edition is humanly translated into Mandarin. We hand-picked featured columns for translation to be sure we reach the intended market with content that is relevant to them, and that is timeless.

The Blog Herald is owned by Splashpress Media.


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