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With the big number of bloggers actively participating in the blogosphere, the formation of a community is inevitable.  This community can be an important source of support for the further developments of blogs.  Most importantly, a community is comprised of the blog audience.

A blogging community can be the best avenue for promoting a personal blog.  It has already been proven that blogs stand to have more chance of flourishing if it is actively participating in the various social network platforms available.  Without a community, this can be difficult to achieve.

It is well and good to be actively promoting a blog to family, friends, and work associates.  However, a blog needs to reach a wider audience and this can be made possible faster by interacting with other people and bloggers who are more or less into the same line of interest.  Interacting with bloggers is also a form of education that one cannot get anywhere else.

There is however an important thing about joining a blogging community and that is joining is not an assurance of blogs success.  It can encourage visits but it cannot force.  It can encourage other people to read but not to agree with the contents.  It can even open up earning opportunities but it can never assure its certainty.

A blogging community is just one way of making the public aware of the existence of a blog.  The result of joining will depend on the contents offered by a blog.  Community support can only go so far.  Relevant content only needs the least prodding to be able to spread to as many readers as possible.

A blog which needs exposure and desires exposure will get it from a blogging community.  Added traffic is a possibility.  It is up to the blog itself to find ways in converting these visitors to regular readers.


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