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Federated Media: Blog Network? 0

In only his first days as Blog Herald’s new editor, Thord Daniel Hedengren has already offered thought-provoking opinions in his post Federated Media Could Be The Next Big Blog Network. An excerpt:

Federated Media is connected to a lot of sites, all fairly big, and some being true hotshots, like TechCrunch, Ars Technica, GigaOM, Mashable, and Wikia. We’re talking serious names here.

These will not join a Federated Media blog network, other than for ad dollars.

However, there are others who would probably consider it, should Federated Media provide a package that more or less guarantees more money, traffic, and exposure. There are several sites and blogs in Federated Media’s portfolio that sport less than 1m pageviews per month. Those would benefit from joining the hypothetical FM blog network.

TD has a great point. Read his full article here.


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