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Typepad’s New Web Page Creation Option Offering 0

The advent of blogging has served as a good alternative towards the usual web pages that people have been conceptualizing as of late and TypePad developers know this all too well. With this in mind, blog sites have become the ideal alternative towards putting up web sites, focusing more on content rather than images.

TypePad has offered a new TypePad page that allows users to setup websites as an individual blog. With the trend imminent, it is certain that this new offering will be taken up by millions. Here are some excerpts from this new development news of TypePad:

“If you’re a TypePad blogger, we know you’re serious about making a great blog. But what about the parts of your site that don’t fit into your blog? A detailed contact page listing all the ways someone can get in touch. What about a biography that explains just how you became such an expert on the topic you blog about? Or, maybe your business’s blog needs a good set of directions to your office, along with a map. A couple extra pages on your site would add a lot of power and flexibility to your blog.

With the new TypePad Pages, you can use all the power of TypePad’s posting tools to create as many individual web pages as you want. And those pages have all the power of TypePad’s widgets and rich media features, automatically inheriting the look and feel you’ve chosen for your blog.

The TypePad interface you use every day to update your blog now lets you create a web page as easily as you’d write a post. (That means you don’t have to learn any complicated new tools.) And you can even set a Page to be the home page for your blog, so it’s the first thing readers see when they go to your URL. “
Go beyond blogging with TypePad Pages

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