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Creating a Writer’s Profile to Form Networks 0

Writers of blogs or bloggers are they are now more popularly known must try to create and build a strong writer’s profile if they intend to be included in a network that will provide them more opportunities. Sure, a network of online friends and associates can be formed among bloggers and related participants in the online world but they may not be necessarily geared towards opening more opportunities for paid writing. Professional writers and those who intend to be so must seriously look into creating a writer’s profile that will not only get attention but will also create networks that can also get them good-paying work.


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Components of a Writer’s Profile

1. Written Work

The first thing anyone looking for a writer would be interested in to see are samples of written work. It can be quite impossible to claim being a writer with nothing to show for it. Like it or not, a writer is defined by his or her writing. It would be the measure used by employers to determine if a writer being considered fits the bill. The main issue here is writing capability.

2. Social Media Profile

It can no longer be helped. Social media presence and participation has become part and parcel of a writer’s profile specifically those who cater to work intended for online consumption. Companies tend to see active and positive social media presence of writers as a plus in their marketing efforts. They couldn’t be more right in this. The issue here is degree of influence.

3. Experience and Performance Record

Hiring a writer can be very difficult especially when done online. Companies and hiring individuals will have no choice but to look into recommendations and lists of companies a writer has worked for. This can give a clearer idea of the ability of the writer. The issue here is reliability.

What Can Be Done to Strengthen Writer’s Profile

1. Write Regularly and Often

Writers eventually get it right when they do their writings regularly and as often as possible.

2. Participate in Relevant Social Media Platforms

Companies are looking for writers who possess positive online presence. It makes their marketing job a lot easier if they have writing partners that can lend their authority and credibility.

3. Gain Experience by Accepting Varied Writing Jobs

Writers learn more and gain more confidence when able to accomplish writing jobs in varying forms. They become flexible and in the process become more marketable.

A lot of companies and individuals are looking into providing mutually beneficial networks in online writing, writers just need to be ready for it when it comes.


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