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From‘s Sustainablog, a feature on the government’s drive to get people to trade in their old clunky cars for newer more efficient ones is underway. The post started with an idea from a child who suggested that everybody with old cars trade them in for new hybrids to solve the whole global warming thingy’. Bright idea right, well somebody in Washington thought of that too and the “Cash for Clunkers” program was born. The program is designed to make the world a cleaner place by giving incentives to people who trade in their old inefficient cars for newer cleaner cars that use alternative energy for fuel. The program is beginning to catch on and every family who opts to avail of the program helps mother nature and also gets a new car in the process making the approach a viable one that is good for the earth and the US auto industry as a whole.
On another avenue, TechCrunch tackles the moves of the new FriendFeed which they deem to be too fast, not in the speedy sense but in relation to their parent product FaceBook and Twitter. All three web services just happen to be some of the most popular services being offered on the internet (thank GOD Zucker’s gone) yet they see a common problem reminiscent of the good old days of Microsoft when they brought in technology from a little known firm, integrating it into their own product and then buying out the competitor even before the copyright infringement suits could be filed. they cite the fact that the functionality of all three services tend to be the same giving rise to the fear of them becoming one system in time. The newer version of FriendFeed goes on beta testing today before it hits the mainstream, to be unleashed into the wild that is the social net.
Google by the way gets a low blow from Billy Bragg who is a British Musician who just happens to hate and is now pointing the finger at the poor guys down in googling headquarters for lost profit, well what can we say, that is life in the net. Always new, always unexpected and always mundane (crazy even!)


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